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Next event at El Bosque

  • Aniversario del Jardín de Adultos Mayores
  • 27 de Septiembre
  • Si tienes más de 60 años o tienes amigos y familiares que hayan pasado esta edad,  ven celebrar el aniversario de uno de los lugares con más vida del Bosque de Chapultepec....

Give a tree to Chapultepec

This reforestation campaign is part of a rehabilitation program of Parque Avenida Lomas, located in la Segunda Sección del Bosque de Chapultepec. We need to plant 150 trees and you can help us turn this space into a place to enjoy nature! Click here if you want to join us.

Join our volunteering program

The volunteer program, jointly organized by Fideicomiso Pro Bosque de Chapultepec and different companies, consist on workdays where the participants gathered whit their families support the rehabilitation of the main lung of the city. Are you interested? Please, write us!

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The History Of Chapultepec Castle In 1 Minute

By Lauren Cocking. Culture Trip.  Chapultepec Castle, situated in the lush and sprawling Bosque de Chapultepec in central Mexico City, is emblematic of Mexico’s capital and has a suitably regal and intriguing history to match. Named for the Nahuatl word chapoltepēc, which means ‘at the grasshopper’s hill’, it sits on what the Aztecs considered a sacred hilltop, meaning the glorious palace […]

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10 Places You Hadn’t Seen in Chapultepec Park

By We hear the name Chapultepec Park and immediately think of any number of well-known spots: the Castle, naturally; and of course the National Anthropology Museum; and the Rufino Tamayo and Modern Art museums; … the zoo, and the lake. But in a 1700-acre park, there can easily be many other great spots, too. […]

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Chapultepec Park

By  Suzanne Barbezat /TripSavvy. A huge green space at the heart of Mexico City, Chapultepec Park (or Bosque Chapultepec) is a popular area for chilangos and visitors alike to enjoy a wide range of activities and attractions. There are a host of important museums here, an internationally renowned zoo, monuments, fountains and areas for cultural exhibits. There are, of course, […]

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In Mexico City’s magic garden, there is only one rule: No talking

Six years ago, Hector Sampson was taking his daily walk in Mexico City’s Chapultepec park when he heard a trace of classical music drifting from the trees. He followed the sound, down a dense corridor of shrubs and bushes, until he found himself in a verdant, sonic paradise. Lush foliage surrounded brightly colored benches — […]

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See the world’s oldest trees by starlight

By Catherine Zuckerman. National Geographic.  In one giant sequoia’s lifetime multiple generations of humans will be born and die. These enormous trees, native to California, can live for thousands of years. Though that time frame is considerable, writes photographer Beth Moon in her book, Ancient Skies, Ancient Trees, “compared to the age of the stars above, it is […]

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Thanks to them we can continue with the restoration works of El Bosque de Chapultepec and carry out activities to turn Mexico City into a more healthy, livable and sustainable community. Get to know them!